Bad Bambi Photography Series

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Does burning dolls excite you? How about Barbie dolls being hanged, their heads popped off? Are you ready to see fashion toy dolls being tortured and put in similar situtations as our own horrible nightmares?

Bad Bambi Photography Series

Barbie dolls. They bring back memories, don't they? Most children torture their dolls at one time or another, alone or with some friends. Sometimes as revenge on a younger or older sibling. While you won't see too much dolly torture that is set in "our" world in the following pages, you'll see Barbie dolls suffering in theirs. But remember, their world comes from ours.

Caution: if you are offended easy, grow up and get out of your bubble. If you are under 18 years old, come back when you are older. Until then, destroy your own dolls in the meantime. If any of this applies to you, leave now and do not enter this website. You have been warned.

Yes, I'll agree to anything. Just let me in!
No thanks. I'll leave to Vanilla Land.

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