Bad Bambi Photography Series


Some of my work has been displayed in galleries and elsewhere. Below is a list of where my Bad Bambi series has been. If you would like to show my series in your gallery, or if you'd like to use an image in your promotion or product, please contact me with the details. Thanks!

  • July 3rd thru July 6th, 2014
    CONvergence Art Show
    7800 Normandale Blvd
    Bloomington, MN
    18 prints and artwork from the Bad Bambi series

  • August 22nd thru September 6th, 2009
    Hopkins Center for the Arts
    1111 Main Street
    Hopkins, MN
    "MN State Fair's Newest Treat" will be on display at this gallery show, titled, Salon 300: Minnesota State Fair Overflow Show

  • tentative 2009
    Plasmatic Brain Spasm, music band
    St. Paul, MN
    "A Breath of Fresh Air" to be on their album cover
    Plasmatic Brain Spasm on

  • 2006
    Ivory Tower Literary Magazine, volume 17
    Published by the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN.
    Featured image was "Just Hanging Around."

  • October 14th thru November 11th, 2006
    Outsiders and Others Gallery
    1010 Park Ave. S.
    Minneapolis, MN 55404
    Showing: eight 11"x14" framed Bad Bambi prints: "All Tied Up and Nowhere to Go," "Give a Dog a Bone," "Anyone got any Marshmallows?", "A New Way to Travel," "A Breath of Fresh Air," "Bad Bambi on Safari," "Two Become One," and "Breast is Best". Bad Bambi greeting cards were also available.

  • January 6th to February 14th, 2006
    Niche 3708 Gallery
    3708 East 34th Street
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Showing: Several 11x14s from my Bad Bambi series, including three new additions to the "Bad Bambi" series, "Bad Bambi" greeting cards, and a 24x30 of a never-before-seen "Bad Bambi" photograph

    A review of this gallery show can be found in the Pulse of the Twin Cities newspaper, January 25-31, 2006. It's in the volume 9, issue 43, on page 4. The article is also available online.

    This gallery show was also mentioned in the February 8th, 2006 issue of the Star Tribune newspaper, in the Metro edition in the LifeStyles section, page 4F, written by Tom Horgen.

  • November 16th & 17th, 2005
    University of Minnesota's College Art Fair
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Showing: a custom-made Bad Bambi doll

  • November 18th & 19th, 2004
    University of Minnesota's College Art Fair
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    "Got Any Marshmallows?" won 2nd place in the photography division
    Shown: three 8x10s from my Bad Bambi series

  • October 19th, 2002
    Blow-up Event
    Warehouse District
    Downtown Minneapolis, MN
    Shown: four 8x10s from my Bad Bambi series

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